Saturday, January 15, 2011

Radio Yellowknife now Relaying VONT into the Past

If you live in Canada you may now begin hearing VONT relayed by Radio Yellowknife. Dr. John Fever (of Radio Yellowknife) contacted me wishing to infect the North with the future ramblings of VONT and I jumped at the opportunity.

This is how they describe themselves:

Deep from within the bowels of mineshaft 22 at the Giant gold mine in Yellowknife NWT,Canada,comes a quirky twist on Canada's north to the pirate HF bands. Broadcasting with 10 000 watts of fictional power for your listening pleasure , while acting as a beacon on issues that effect the north from a different slant.



  1. The fellow actually "broadcasts" out of Fort Smith NWT about 900 km southwest of Yellowknife right on the Alberta border.... he also contact me looking for contributions and I would very much like to hear how your association with him went.

  2. George,

    Unfortunately due to conflicts between relays, I've had to forgo my Yellowknife/Norther Relay Service relays.