Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Future is now (almost) here

The US Defense Advance Research Project Agencyor DARPA has announced it is “seeking innovative solutions that would aid in the demonstration of a roadable flyable vehicle” - in other words, they want to build a real, honest -to-gosh flying car. Move over Hanna-Barbera!

DARPA is seeking design bids for this Transformer TX concept, which is envisioned as “a robust ground vehicle that is capable of configuring into a VTOL [Vertical Take Off and Landing] air vehicle with a maximum payload capability of approximately 1,000 lbs.”

This amazing vehicle, if it’s really built, will be shaped similar to an SUV, about the size and length of two Hummers nose to tail, and be capable of handling light off-road travel. The TX should also be able to lift off and land “without forward motion”, climbing to around 10,000 ft. and be able to cruise forward at speeds “represenative of a light single-engine aircraft.”

This cool hover car would be able to travel up to 250 miles before refueling. DARPA has some specific mission plans for the TX. They also plan that it be capable of unmanned flight operations, similar to robotic supply choppers now being considered by the Marine Corps.

However this plays out, once again it proves the statement that what science fiction can dream of can become real science. Now when will this be available for consumers, at least as a test drive?

from Envirothink

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


The Pirate Radio Annual 2010 by Andy Yoder is out and it is AWESOME!
Order yours by sending your money to Cabinet Communications, P.O. Box 109 Blue Ridge Summit, PA 17214. It's $15 for the book and $2 for shipping to US, $4 shipping to Canada & $9 shipping anywhere outside of North America. Worth Every Penny! Plus you get an audio CD with tons of pirate radio station recordings. This is an awesome book for anyone interested in Pirate Radio and the freaks who do it.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Car of Tomorrow

Thanks to Andrew Yoder for link.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lame arse (ass) Next Thursday Joke

Patient - Doctor Doctor, I can see into the future!
Doctor - When did this start?
Patient - Next Thursday.

Harry Smith has heard all the VONT shows (so far)


WBNY relayed program #3 for me tonight on 6900USb at 23300-2330 UTC April 17'10. The signal was SIO 444 on the JRC 535D with the RF systems MK 2 antenna thats 30' high and runs N to S.Would love to get QSL #3 to complete my set. Details are: 2300 ID opening "I want to be Sandra Dee "2304 Id generation X ? guy singing ? 2305Turn your radio up "This is what i do I sit on you"2306 Id cat meow 2307 song "The worlds gots every thing "2310 cows song "Help Me "? chickens 2314 Welcome back new internet , new web site , new Google five days from now . 2316 Woorid man song2318 guy and gal talk 2320 song2324 Id talk whenis next thursday /2325 Greg perfect date 2330 ID Vof next thursday e/mail or frn thanks to CB .

Thank you for helpig me with this qsl.

Harry L. Smith

Voice of Next Thursday Now Available on

You're now able to hear the studio quality audio of the last three shows thanks to Ragnar:

can also be accessed via

The first three will appear soon.

Electro-Fluidic Wallpaper (from show #5)

For you home decorators the magnificent world of Next Thursday has a treat in store for you. In the drab dreary world of last week you may have coated your walls in wallpaper, wood paneling or painted a feature wall with bright pastels colours; tacky stuff like that that will date your conapp almost instantly. Well.. No more! In the amazing spectacular world of Next Thursday, you’re able to coat your walls in “Electro-Fluidic Wallpaper” commonly refered to as EFW - a tri-colour liquid polymer substrate is surrounded by electrodes which electromagnetically create an interfacial tension allowing the polymer to become visible. Since EFW reflects a room’s ambient light it will appears as natural as a regular wall. Once you install the Wallpaper and connect it up to the World wide positronic wet drive you’ll be able to have your walls looking like whatever the latest trend happens to be, instantly, without the drudgery of re-decorating. Connectivity to the World Wide Positronic Brain will allow you to subscribe to the latest wall trends; you’ll arrive home every day to find your con app appearing fresh and new. You’ll also be able to set the walls to respond to your ever-changing moods – your conapp will become one giant mood ring and will respond accordingly. For instance if you’re in an angry mood the walls will respond by displaying calming scenes of beaches with rolling waves, or panoramic vistas of plush green fields surrounded by calming mountain tops, designed to sooth and relax. Soon you’ll find that you’re no longer angry, in fact you won’t even remember what upset you in the first place. EFW will even replace your television in the world of Next Thursday you will have your EFW displaying the newspeak directly to your wall anywhere in your conapp if you’re moving about your television will follow you.

Stay tuned to Voice of next Thursday for more fascinating revelations about your impending future of Next Thursday – five harrowingly long days from now.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

VONT 6900 USB Report on FRN 17 April 2010

SDR Screencap by The Axis

Repeat of show #3:

Voice Of Next Thursday 6900U SINPO 34444
2305 Voice of next Thursday ID
and into a song about sitting on you.
2307 Cats meowing and into a wierd counrty song
2311 a most amazing version of the NIN song Closer
2314 VONT id and talk about hard drive
2321 A fantastic parity or Kraftworks -Pocket Calculator.

great stuff, I can't wait till next Thursday!

Eastern Mi


Voice of Next Thursday 6900 usb 23:10- SINPO 34333
VoNT relay by WBNY. Great non sequitur programing. some faint pescaodores underneath.



I got it here in CT. Doing a strange version of Kraftwerks Pocket Calculator now. The signal is fair to good. Definitely a bit strange.

Enjoy life JustGreg

AC/DC Nursing Homes (from show #4)

Remember the old adage “Old rockers never die, they just smell that way”? Well in the fantastic world of Next Thursday (five days from now) this still stands true, but now when old rockers are too old to take care of themselves they are able to spend their twilight years in rock themed nursing homes. In your future year of 2006 the aging rockers AC/DC were the first band to set up such a home. Their fan base had spread over 3 to 4 generations so they decided to provide a service to their overlooked loyal aging fans, and to keep the filthy Lucca flowing. They establish a nursing home aptly named “Highway to Hell.” It was an outrageous success; its 150 beds selling out within 20 minutes of going on sale. The walls of the facility are plastered with AC/DC posters & memorabilia. In the TV room only AC/DC music clips, interviews and live concerts are played. Staff dressed in the Angus Young school uniform. AC/DC impersonators wander the halls visiting residents, imparting uplifting rock tales and signing autographs. Daily AC/DC sing-a-longs and once a week an AC/DC cover band would entertain the residents. Palliative care in the form of Whisky, Bourbon, Scotch & the finest malt liquors money can buy. Eventually when looking upon the AC/DC model other aging rockers got dollar signs in their eyes and began setting up their own homes. Kiss was next, then quickly followed by the Rolling Stones, Status Quo, Sex Pistols, Slayer, the list goes on. It the fantastic wondrous world of Next Thursday old rockers never die, they just have someone to change their adult diapers so they don’t smell that way, five long days from now.

Reported by Dave Balint

Reported by: Dave Balint, Northeast Ohio
Receiver: Yaesu FT-1000MP Mark-V
Antenna: 20 meter thru 10 meter ham yagi

Voice of Next Thursday on WBNY Relay - 6.930 MHz USB; 4/10/2010 2117z - 2123z; SINPO 45555 - I just caught the tail end of this broadcast; "All this and more in the wonderful world next Thursday - five long days from now"; some odd music and noise; "You have been listening to Voice of Next Thursday - transmitting from five long days from now"; IDs heard: "...Voice of Next Thursday - transmitting from five long days from now"; "This is Gabriel Syme hoping to see you next Thursday"; signoff at 2123z; Email: (Balint, OH)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Brian Alexander logs VONT for DX Listening Digest


NORTH AMERICA. [Pirate]. 6950 USB, Voice of Next Thursday,
2136-2145, April 11, rebroadcast by WBNY with IDs. Novelty music.
Good. Strong. (Brian Alexander, PA, DX Listening Digest)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Businessmen of Next Thursday (from show #2)

It’s not all doom & gloom in the harrowing world on next Thursday; in your future of 1992 an ostentatious fashion trend for businessmen will take hold that lasts still to this day. Multi-billionaire mining magnate Rob Robinson will enter a boardroom wearing his wife’s leotards and leg warmers. He will conduct the meeting as if nothing is out of the ordinary. He manages to broker the deal of a lifetime which skyrockets his wealth into the Trillions. He puts it all down to his attire, and from that day forward he wore nothing but leotards and legwarmers, he insisted all his staff and anyone wishing to do business with his company to wear leotards and leg warmers. Eventually it became the standard business attire with which to conduct business in. Walk down any modern city’s business hub of future world of next Thursday and you will see business folk in their leotards and leg warmers trading stock tips, touching base over a short back, or just wading about in the city vast water feature. Gone is the tired old business attire of yester year, no more is the phallic emblem hanging just below the chin, the real deal is now in plain sight for all to judge. This is the fact of your future, in the far distant world of.. Next Thursday, five long days from now.

More reports from the FRN Vines

6950 USB SIO 322-222
April 11, 2010
Signal started off fair, but quickly faded out after a few minutes.

15:56z Commander Bunny t-shirt ad
16:00z sounds like a female opera singer
16:01z VONT ID
16:04 faded into the noise
21:21z better signal now above the noise with some slight fading
21:23z " the world of next thursday.."


April 11, 2010

6950khz USB 1945-2003still on WBNY relay of Voice of next Thursday, SIO343 lots of sfx, news stories from next Thursday, woman singing odd song, tnx for the show.


April 10, 2010

2025-2042 still on WBNY-relay of Voice of Next Thursday. SIO444 good solid signal with excellent audio. (I can hear the high's the low's and in the in-between's too) Song about smoking Marijuana and many ID's about "Voice of Next Thursday".


VoNT, 4/11/10, 6950usb, SIO 333, 21:35+ UTC, wonderful rendition performed by a delightful contralto, then CB with a live time of 21:42 utc as he is signing off.

L Cee Intl

April 10, 2010

good signal 6930u
Great ranting Bernstein Come Out Tonight about 2055 (I can't remember where, but I have heard this exact one before)
ID 2056, Commander Bunny t shirt stuff at 2058

Ah google helped. The rant was on SubPop200


The Smith's report hearing VONT

I tuned in to your broadcast at about 2334 utc on my grundig g3 portable on 6940 usb the signal came in good with no interference to terre haute indiana there was a skit with two guys talking at a bus stop which turned into a word mishmash then there was a rfid warning and a commander bunny tshirt advert (if it is a chick magnet and does to my creditscore what the testimonials claimed i might even pick up 2) then a station id and song i couldnt make out the signal started to fade around 2ever 348 it could be because of my shitty aa batteries going dead. it was an overall great show..... ever since i stumbled on pirate radio stations about 2 months ago my grades in college have been slipping but i have a sympathetic engilsh comp professor who gives extra credit for qsl cards any help would be appreciated.

steve smith


Hello Voice of next Thursday. Just awhile ago at 2330-2339 UTC April 10'10 i heard you on 6940 USB. You were SIO 444 on the JRC 535 d and RF Systems MK 2 antenna thats 30' high This was a relay by WBNY. Would love to get the next QSL in the series . Details are : 2330 Tune In Talk about Whales 2332 Id "This is the Voice of Next Thursday on your shortwave dial " annc about next thursday Wbny promos ETC. 2335 Parody song" Wonderfull" ? 2338 Annc This is the conclusion of our program F RN reports and thanks to WBNY "This is Gabriel Syme ' 2339 Song "Burning Rock ';sign off. thanks for all previous QSLS.

Harry L. Smith


Here's what you sounded like here last night:
FREQ: 6940 usb
DATE: 4/10/2010
TIME: 2315-2321 UTC
RECEIVER: YAESU FRG-7700 with 50 foot longwire
2315 Another one Bites the Dust - record plays backward - "It's fun to smoke marijuana"
2317 stink, bad odor described in Aussie accent
2321 ID
2321 clip is from this time

Woody Smith


..and finally an honouree Smith:


Hey - heard you announce your address and stuff on roughly 6940 KHz USB at 0035 UTC on 4/10/10. with my old Kenwood R-1000 - Location NW Georgia Mountains USA - Antenna 105' Dipole running E-W..

The repetition segments blow my mind - Are you Commander Bunny?? - (mentioned at 00:44 UTC) - T-shirt available? QSL?

Somebody on 6931 also earlier but do't know who.. Similar material..

You were S9 with s9+10 on vice peaks


Saturday, April 10, 2010

New VONT show to air this month

Show number 6 is complete and will be broadcast on WBNY's relay network during April. It will have lots of future events that will have a direct impact upon your life next Thursday. A new QSLs for the show is being designed as you read this.

Friday, April 9, 2010

INTERNATIONAL WATERS - Offshore Pirate Radio Special


Offshore Pirate Radio Special - Sunday 18


Starting Sunday April 18th, Atlantic Oldies 2NG is proud to present a special show by Bill Rollins. The special Teatime Special will take a look back at the Offshore Pirate Radio ships that broke the BBC's monopoly and finally gave the U.K. something that American listeners had been so used to for a long time. TOP 40 radio. Suddenly slick sounding Top 40 radio with American sung jingles eminated from ships and old war-time forts outside International Waters.

Bill started his radio career on a short-lived station "Tower Radio" and so presents an excellent two hours of a look back at this era with plenty of great Sixties music to keep you entertained for the two hours.

He goes right back to 1930 with Radio Normandie explaining how and why commercial radio came to the U.K. Before you know you'll be setting sail as Radio Caroline broke the mold on Easter Sunday 1964.

This is a fascinating show and can be heard at the following times
•Sunday 18th April at 1600 GMT
•Tuesday 20th September [sic] at 1600 GMT
•Thursday 22nd September [sic] at 0000 GMT

Sit back and relax as it promises to be a phenomenal insight into how Top 40 radio finally came to the UK

(via Gary Drew, dxldyg via DXLD)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Due to the failure of the Large Hadron Collider (from show #4)

Due to the failure of the Large Hadron Collider it was decided to recoup costs by transforming it into the world’s largest amusement ride. For a reasonable fee couples are able to have all their atoms smashed together in a supreme love embrace as they hurtle toward each other at close to the speed of light. A photo of the resulting impact would be taken, every atom supposedly representing the birth of the universe & to prove their undying love for one another, a sort of Next Thursday “Lovers leap”. Copies would be sent to the next of kin who the couple had nominated on their disclaimer form prior to taking the ultimate ride of their lives. It is said that our universe may have been the result of such a loving coupling and then again maybe not. All this and more in the exciting mind expanding world of Next Thursday only five harrowing days from now.

VONT QSL for show #5

The internet of next Thursday (from show #3)

The internet of next Thursday will develop into a conscious entity thanks to Google linking millions of its user’s computers into one giant positronic brain. Unfortunately unlike Asimov, Google failed to incorporate the tree basic laws for robots into its programming, instead opting for the one guiding rule of Google which is of course “do no evil”. Since evil is a subjective term it was quickly rendered meaningless by the Google brain and simply ignored. The religious right attempted to apply three of its own sets of laws to the brain which were:

1. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s hard drive.
2. Thou shalt not lay down with the lion and the lamb, and
3. Be ye wary of the beasts of the field.

Of course the church being so far out of date failed to realize that hard drives went out last week and now everything was stored on wet drives, which the Google brain was craving more and more of every day. Eventually demand outstripped supply and a solution had to be found. Google discovered an untapped supply of wet drives in the heads of the dumb, as the Subgenius’ say “Think how dumb the average guy is. Well, by definition, half of them are dumber than that”. As an incentive the dumb were offered trinkets in return for the use of their mostly unused wet drive they kept stored inside of their cavernous craniums. A partition would be set up inside the new wet drive, depending how much the donor was enticed by the nice shiny trinket. 90% is a typical donation, which would leave more than enough for the donor to live a normal and happy life. The new wet drive is then reformatted in preparation for new programming and a wireless device installed to connect to the Google network. You primitive people of last week may think you have something to fear, but au contraire, we welcome our new Google overlords, in the far distant world of next Thursday – 5 long days from now.

VONT Corsair Transmitter on Site


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Highly active stations logged in the FRW for 2010.

Highly active stations logged in the Free Radio Weekly for 2010.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Andrew Yoder Report 28 March 2010

Hi Gabriel,

Great to hear you again! I had a really strong signal from WBNY a few days ago. If my report's correct, could you please verify it with a QSL or eQSL? Anyway, here’s my report:

VONT via WBNY March 28, 2010 6925 kHz USB 2224-2342* UTC
2100 ID “I’m here to reveal a future so far ahead, if you were to travel at the speed of time, it would take you 5 long days just to arrive” etc.
2101 Countdown (or up?), someone mentioning about next Thursday (a local listener?)
2102 YL talking about a man with his head “full of sounds from the wall.” Amelia says “It is a stranger!”
2105 Environmentally friendly drug addicts, WWUDU, with a universal concept taken from African street kids to save the planet.
2107 Audio clips “Information!” “We will get it”
2107 "Make Me Beautiful" During solo break, audio came on over top briefly about VONT, but I couldn't understand it.
2109 ID, dead are sent to the deep void of space, but only a few people are reanimated because of overpopulation, except Lady Gaga, Blink 182, etc.
2111 Song "Olympic Discus" Wow, this one's really bad!
2112 OM talking to maybe the "Olympic Discus" singer?
2114 Audio clip from the '50s? about the glorious inventions that will be commonplace in the year AD 2000
2115 song about taking stuff from work
2116 ID, shower curtain industry diversifies into making car airbags
2118 "I Sit Down When I Pee" by Tim & Eric
2119 Fake '40s movie ad with Clark Gable & Lana Turner in blazing color
2120 ID, wallpaper of Next Thursday--EFW paper. Wallpaper changes every day & can changes to counteract bad moods.
2122 S&M version of "These are a few of my favorite things"
2123 Cover of "The Message" by Grandmaster Flash (I think), but I can't find who did it
2126 ID, e-mail address, special thanks to BNN

I listened to the broadcast on a Drake R8 communications receiver connected to a 300' longwire antenna.