Friday, April 9, 2010

INTERNATIONAL WATERS - Offshore Pirate Radio Special


Offshore Pirate Radio Special - Sunday 18


Starting Sunday April 18th, Atlantic Oldies 2NG is proud to present a special show by Bill Rollins. The special Teatime Special will take a look back at the Offshore Pirate Radio ships that broke the BBC's monopoly and finally gave the U.K. something that American listeners had been so used to for a long time. TOP 40 radio. Suddenly slick sounding Top 40 radio with American sung jingles eminated from ships and old war-time forts outside International Waters.

Bill started his radio career on a short-lived station "Tower Radio" and so presents an excellent two hours of a look back at this era with plenty of great Sixties music to keep you entertained for the two hours.

He goes right back to 1930 with Radio Normandie explaining how and why commercial radio came to the U.K. Before you know you'll be setting sail as Radio Caroline broke the mold on Easter Sunday 1964.

This is a fascinating show and can be heard at the following times
•Sunday 18th April at 1600 GMT
•Tuesday 20th September [sic] at 1600 GMT
•Thursday 22nd September [sic] at 0000 GMT

Sit back and relax as it promises to be a phenomenal insight into how Top 40 radio finally came to the UK

(via Gary Drew, dxldyg via DXLD)

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