Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Electro-Fluidic Wallpaper (from show #5)

For you home decorators the magnificent world of Next Thursday has a treat in store for you. In the drab dreary world of last week you may have coated your walls in wallpaper, wood paneling or painted a feature wall with bright pastels colours; tacky stuff like that that will date your conapp almost instantly. Well.. No more! In the amazing spectacular world of Next Thursday, you’re able to coat your walls in “Electro-Fluidic Wallpaper” commonly refered to as EFW - a tri-colour liquid polymer substrate is surrounded by electrodes which electromagnetically create an interfacial tension allowing the polymer to become visible. Since EFW reflects a room’s ambient light it will appears as natural as a regular wall. Once you install the Wallpaper and connect it up to the World wide positronic wet drive you’ll be able to have your walls looking like whatever the latest trend happens to be, instantly, without the drudgery of re-decorating. Connectivity to the World Wide Positronic Brain will allow you to subscribe to the latest wall trends; you’ll arrive home every day to find your con app appearing fresh and new. You’ll also be able to set the walls to respond to your ever-changing moods – your conapp will become one giant mood ring and will respond accordingly. For instance if you’re in an angry mood the walls will respond by displaying calming scenes of beaches with rolling waves, or panoramic vistas of plush green fields surrounded by calming mountain tops, designed to sooth and relax. Soon you’ll find that you’re no longer angry, in fact you won’t even remember what upset you in the first place. EFW will even replace your television in the world of Next Thursday you will have your EFW displaying the newspeak directly to your wall anywhere in your conapp if you’re moving about your television will follow you.

Stay tuned to Voice of next Thursday for more fascinating revelations about your impending future of Next Thursday – five harrowingly long days from now.

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