Sunday, April 11, 2010

Businessmen of Next Thursday (from show #2)

It’s not all doom & gloom in the harrowing world on next Thursday; in your future of 1992 an ostentatious fashion trend for businessmen will take hold that lasts still to this day. Multi-billionaire mining magnate Rob Robinson will enter a boardroom wearing his wife’s leotards and leg warmers. He will conduct the meeting as if nothing is out of the ordinary. He manages to broker the deal of a lifetime which skyrockets his wealth into the Trillions. He puts it all down to his attire, and from that day forward he wore nothing but leotards and legwarmers, he insisted all his staff and anyone wishing to do business with his company to wear leotards and leg warmers. Eventually it became the standard business attire with which to conduct business in. Walk down any modern city’s business hub of future world of next Thursday and you will see business folk in their leotards and leg warmers trading stock tips, touching base over a short back, or just wading about in the city vast water feature. Gone is the tired old business attire of yester year, no more is the phallic emblem hanging just below the chin, the real deal is now in plain sight for all to judge. This is the fact of your future, in the far distant world of.. Next Thursday, five long days from now.

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