Sunday, April 11, 2010

More reports from the FRN Vines

6950 USB SIO 322-222
April 11, 2010
Signal started off fair, but quickly faded out after a few minutes.

15:56z Commander Bunny t-shirt ad
16:00z sounds like a female opera singer
16:01z VONT ID
16:04 faded into the noise
21:21z better signal now above the noise with some slight fading
21:23z " the world of next thursday.."


April 11, 2010

6950khz USB 1945-2003still on WBNY relay of Voice of next Thursday, SIO343 lots of sfx, news stories from next Thursday, woman singing odd song, tnx for the show.


April 10, 2010

2025-2042 still on WBNY-relay of Voice of Next Thursday. SIO444 good solid signal with excellent audio. (I can hear the high's the low's and in the in-between's too) Song about smoking Marijuana and many ID's about "Voice of Next Thursday".


VoNT, 4/11/10, 6950usb, SIO 333, 21:35+ UTC, wonderful rendition performed by a delightful contralto, then CB with a live time of 21:42 utc as he is signing off.

L Cee Intl

April 10, 2010

good signal 6930u
Great ranting Bernstein Come Out Tonight about 2055 (I can't remember where, but I have heard this exact one before)
ID 2056, Commander Bunny t shirt stuff at 2058

Ah google helped. The rant was on SubPop200


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