Thursday, April 8, 2010

Due to the failure of the Large Hadron Collider (from show #4)

Due to the failure of the Large Hadron Collider it was decided to recoup costs by transforming it into the world’s largest amusement ride. For a reasonable fee couples are able to have all their atoms smashed together in a supreme love embrace as they hurtle toward each other at close to the speed of light. A photo of the resulting impact would be taken, every atom supposedly representing the birth of the universe & to prove their undying love for one another, a sort of Next Thursday “Lovers leap”. Copies would be sent to the next of kin who the couple had nominated on their disclaimer form prior to taking the ultimate ride of their lives. It is said that our universe may have been the result of such a loving coupling and then again maybe not. All this and more in the exciting mind expanding world of Next Thursday only five harrowing days from now.

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