Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Harry Smith has heard all the VONT shows (so far)


WBNY relayed program #3 for me tonight on 6900USb at 23300-2330 UTC April 17'10. The signal was SIO 444 on the JRC 535D with the RF systems MK 2 antenna thats 30' high and runs N to S.Would love to get QSL #3 to complete my set. Details are: 2300 ID opening "I want to be Sandra Dee "2304 Id generation X ? guy singing ? 2305Turn your radio up "This is what i do I sit on you"2306 Id cat meow 2307 song "The worlds gots every thing "2310 cows song "Help Me "? chickens 2314 Welcome back new internet , new web site , new Google five days from now . 2316 Woorid man song2318 guy and gal talk 2320 song2324 Id talk whenis next thursday /2325 Greg perfect date 2330 ID Vof next thursday e/mail or frn thanks to CB .

Thank you for helpig me with this qsl.

Harry L. Smith

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