Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Smith's report hearing VONT

I tuned in to your broadcast at about 2334 utc on my grundig g3 portable on 6940 usb the signal came in good with no interference to terre haute indiana there was a skit with two guys talking at a bus stop which turned into a word mishmash then there was a rfid warning and a commander bunny tshirt advert (if it is a chick magnet and does to my creditscore what the testimonials claimed i might even pick up 2) then a station id and song i couldnt make out the signal started to fade around 2ever 348 it could be because of my shitty aa batteries going dead. it was an overall great show..... ever since i stumbled on pirate radio stations about 2 months ago my grades in college have been slipping but i have a sympathetic engilsh comp professor who gives extra credit for qsl cards any help would be appreciated.

steve smith


Hello Voice of next Thursday. Just awhile ago at 2330-2339 UTC April 10'10 i heard you on 6940 USB. You were SIO 444 on the JRC 535 d and RF Systems MK 2 antenna thats 30' high This was a relay by WBNY. Would love to get the next QSL in the series . Details are : 2330 Tune In Talk about Whales 2332 Id "This is the Voice of Next Thursday on your shortwave dial " annc about next thursday Wbny promos ETC. 2335 Parody song" Wonderfull" ? 2338 Annc This is the conclusion of our program F RN reports and thanks to WBNY "This is Gabriel Syme ' 2339 Song "Burning Rock ';sign off. thanks for all previous QSLS.

Harry L. Smith


Here's what you sounded like here last night:
FREQ: 6940 usb
DATE: 4/10/2010
TIME: 2315-2321 UTC
RECEIVER: YAESU FRG-7700 with 50 foot longwire
2315 Another one Bites the Dust - record plays backward - "It's fun to smoke marijuana"
2317 stink, bad odor described in Aussie accent
2321 ID
2321 clip is from this time

Woody Smith


..and finally an honouree Smith:


Hey - heard you announce your address and stuff on roughly 6940 KHz USB at 0035 UTC on 4/10/10. with my old Kenwood R-1000 - Location NW Georgia Mountains USA - Antenna 105' Dipole running E-W..

The repetition segments blow my mind - Are you Commander Bunny?? - (mentioned at 00:44 UTC) - T-shirt available? QSL?

Somebody on 6931 also earlier but do't know who.. Similar material..

You were S9 with s9+10 on vice peaks


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