Saturday, December 17, 2011

Pop-Up "pirate" radio tower going for only $15 000

The Pop-Up Pirate Radio Tower is for sale

Artist and Architect Adam Kalkin has designed a ‘pop-up’ radio tower employing his trademark recycled shipping container. An up-ended shipping container is transformed into a 4-storey tower with radio spire standing more than 12 metres high.

The tower is available for purchase and relocation to the highest offer. Asking price $15,000 ono

The tower has been engineered and complies with Australian building regulation.

Current location : Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) courtyard

more info can be found here:


  1. For a true "pop-up" radio tower at less than 1/10th the price, check this out... Portable, but I wouldn't call it a much of a "stealth" installation either, as far as pirate radio broadcasting needs are concerned... However, much more portable than the shipping container, and one man can put it up!