Sunday, August 4, 2013

3PR looking for a New Home

During the Anti-Vietnam War days in 1971 two Pirate Radio stations emerged in Melbourne - 3DR (Draft Resisters) out of  University of Melbourne & 3PR (People's radio) out of  Monash University.

A news report on the 14th July 2013 about the 3PR transmitter looking for a home was interspersed with the history of the other transmitter 3DR.  I see a lot of conflicting stories about these two stations, their histories seemed to have merged into one. The transmitter at the top is 3PR & The one below is the less powerful, but more famous  3DR.

Apparently a home for the transmitter has been found, anyway the story can be seen here


  1. can you post that video here please, I can't get it to run?

  2. The video:!odQCjaTZ!ZPq_ah73vDI-FHc--RM_RxNs9NdRyqodYFSRdtFhJHo