Monday, August 5, 2013

Radio Totse

For the past two days I've received a new New Zealand pirate radio broadcaster going by the name Radio Totse coming from somewhere out of the land of the long white cloud.

What is Totse? According to Wikipedia:

The name is an acronym for Temple of the Screaming Electron.
Totse was a San Francisco website and former BBS dedicated to storing text files on a variety of subjects and viewpoints, many of which were unusual or controversial. 

The original site was closed down by its creator, but the users who call themselves 'Totseans' have clumped  together on the forums. This is where one of the moderators going by the name Daktologist or The Dak came up with the crazy idea to spread the Totsean gospel to the globe via shortwave pirate radio. Eh? why not?

He went and got himself an Icom 718 HF transceiver, liberate its tuning dial and here we are today; bouncing 100W of RF radiation off of the ionosphere into your living room.

I'm a little excited, because this is the first shortwave pirate I've directly received in Australia, despite many-many years of trying.

I received Radio Totse on 6925 kHz USB 0747-0836z August 4th 2013 (I missed the start), SINO 3433

I'm using a SDR hooked into a longwire draped over a tree in my backyard.

He played all heavy rock (I'm not sure how this relates to Totseism?) I could ID a few songs, others I wasn't so sure about, not being a fan of this type of music - I'm sort of primordial-garage-punk/postpunk-outsider sort of guy.

  • Falling Stars - Serj Tankian
  • Mr Jack - System of a Down
  • Ghost - Slash & Ian Astbury
  • Ghost Along the Mississippi - Down
  • Self Bias Resistor - Fear Factory
  • Straight Jacket Fashion - Chevelle

IDs in between songs, including requests for reception reports to End of transmission with SSTV of the image you can see at the top of this article. eQSL supplied for reports.

I see some people on the HF Underground have also received the broadcast, but it was too weak for them to ID.

Dak tells me he has only been transmitting for a week and intends to put something on the air around 0630-0730z most days on 6925 USB.

Radio Totse on Facebook.


  1. is that UTC time?

  2. thanks Dak, digging out the Sangean now and going to string out a wire. Yippeeee!

    Hope to hear the signal over the weekend, working late this week so no chance.

    1. I definitely will be on the air this weekend. Probably around 10:00 utc on Saturday and Sunday

    2. Ur boring and contrived.

  3. Thanks Dak, looking forward to giving it a try.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. Nothing heard last night mate, are you still on track for 10utc tonight?
    And whats with the Hitler quote on Totse.com_ are you a nazi sympathiser?

    Captain Moonlight

    1. Shit no mate. Just agreed with quote somewhat. Was on tonight but whether you heard me over the Chinese radar, i'm not sure

  5. Outsider post punk? Totseism? Saying zulu instead of utc? What a little faggot. Totse is a bestiality site. The rest is faggots losers like you.