Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Andrew Yoder Reports In

Great to hear you again! Unfortunately, the signals I’ve heard from you lately aren’t what they were a few months ago, but I’m writing again anyway:

VONT via WBNY May 9, 2010 6899.5 kHz 2145-2211 UTC

2146 Gabby with a VONT bit

2146 Vaudeville-sounding song

2150 “Did you know that if you turn your underwear inside-out, you can wear it for another five days?” Another 5!

2152 Song with a higher-pitched woman singer

2155 Possibly a WBNY t-shirt ad?

2158 Clear VONT ID, into bit about paradoxes & lying.

2201 Woman talking, on the phone? Rambling about people out of work, marijuana, people sleeping on the sand, etc.

2203 Frankenstein radio control

2204 mid or late ’60-style rock or garage song "you don't know just how I feel about life"

2206 ID, something about pirate radio

Guitar bit

2208 “sadly, this brings us to the end of our broadcast” thanks to BunnComm for the relay, contact info, etc.

2211 WBNY ID into “Pirates Week”

I listened to the broadcast on a Drake R8 communications receiver connected to a 100' longwire antenna. 2100+ puts me on the fringe of WBNY range, unless he’s using the Heath amplifier (which he no longer is). Corsair power just isn’t quite doing it right now at that time of day.

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