Sunday, May 9, 2010

Another Reception Report Today

As WBNY continues to test his Corsair more reports of VONT relay come in:

WBNY, 5/9/10, 6900am, SIO 433, 20:05+ UTC, Ragnar with Pirate's Week, slight static and very minor signal fade, very nice audio, at 20:25 ID WBNY Relay Service, signal reception is now SIO 333, increase in static and fade, but audio still beautiful. Now starting Voice of Next Thursday relay.

VoNT explaining some confusing ping pong ball hit through a slot game. If only there were some shiny objects involved it would be much more understandable. It sounds like a cross between slot car racing, table tennis, & cricket.

SIO 434 now at 20:50+ with minor static and fade.

L Cee Intl

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