Saturday, May 8, 2010

Reports of VONT #7 Airing on WBNY Corsair Test Relay

WBNY is testing out their Corsair by relaying VONT & The Pirates Week on 6900 & 6950 AM.

"We were testing out our brand new Corsair Transmitter! We'll be doing a test with the Grenade and the Corsair side-by-side with a Pop-Comm writer watching, hopefully next week. Love the Corsair, it has awesome audio. My understanding is that the reporter will take pictures of the side-by-side test and do a complete profile of the two transmitters.

Commander Bunny"

Some Reports:

hearing Pirates Week show and Voice of Next Thursday (new show, never heard before)on 6950. Super clean audio. Signal is fading up, solid reception for a few minutes then fades out completely. Conditions sucks. Heard WBNY relay ID. Wasn't sure, didn't sound like WBNY's signal at first.


SINPO 43423 from NE Indiana.

Great signal when it's busting through the fading or interference. Unfortunately you're getting either hit by it or interference from some digital signal.

Had Voice of Next Thursday clean and clear for about 5 minutes (2106-2111), then the signal either was cut or completely faded.


2117 fair-good sig here. Just heard bit about how if you turn your underwear inside out, you can wear it an extra 5 days.

Thanks for the shows!
Andrew Yoder

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