Sunday, May 9, 2010

William Hassig Reception Report 9 May 2010

6899.6am, 5-9-10, 2200utc, very poor, S7 peaks with S5 powerline static, heard mention of Commander Bunny, thanks for good announcement of stn name & email address, many pirates mumble and dont repeat and then I dont catch their name & address.

I'm located in Mount Prospect, Illinois 20miles (32km) northwest of downtown Chicago along the Union Pacific northwest line (formerly Chicago & Northwestern).

You peak at S7. There is a 34kv line a block south of here feeding a substation 1.5 blks south and sometimes it makes static. Or possibly the 2400/4160 primary 200 ft behind the house is causing a bit of static too.

William Hassig.

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