Saturday, June 19, 2010

Berlin Police Against Political Pirate Radio

The police raid in the housing project at Boediker Str. 9 in Berlin, because of the Pirate Radio, during the Action Day “Enter Media Spree” at 5th June, ended with about 25 arrests, unreasonable accusations and their inability to find the broadcasting equipment.

At around 17.00, the police invaded the building of Boediker Str. 9, in order to confiscate the broadcasting equipment of the action radio. Despite having searched for hours, supported by two employees of the Public Networks Agency from Mainz, who were also there with their vehicle, the police couldn\’t find the broadcasting equipment. Instead, they destroyed rooms of the building and broke several doors.

13 people were indiscriminately arrested, as they happened to be at this very moment at the stairs, in front of, or in the Action Infopoint at Bodiker str. 9. After the chief of the police force was informed by lawyers that the use of a frequency without a license by the District Media Authority is just a minor offence and not a crime, as he had initially claimed, he came up with a couple of absurd accusations, such as “causing serious physical injury due to the exposure to electromagnetic radiation” and “theft of electricity”, in order to legitimize the operation of the police in the building.

Later this evening, during the spontaneous solidarity assembly that took place in front of the building, 10 more people where arrested without reason. The police (of the 23rd and 24th squad) were extremely brutal, beating indiscriminately people and causing a serious head injury to at least one person, who had to be transferred with an ambulance.

This brutal tactic fits in the picture of the whole day, during which the police tried to prevent the protests against the Media Spree project. The same afternoon, the police attacked the van with the loudspeakers, after the end of the demonstration, as the action concept was supposed to be announced by the loudspeakers.
Nevertheless, the protests will go on and the people, despite the repression, hasn\’t surrendered to the terrorization. The estate on Cuvry Str. (by IVG Real Estate) was successfully occupied and more than a thousand people took place in a creative “Enter Media Spree” day.

We will continue to support the contradictory opinion that the city needs.
In order to reach new coasts – for a free radio in Berlin
against the gentrification, the neoliberal restructuring of the city and the magnification of the flat rents

Berlin, 6th of June
your pirate radio


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