Saturday, June 5, 2010

Shortdogg & Joker of 95.7 Busted

A weeklong investigation by the Federal Communications Commission and the Fort Myers Police Department resulted in the arrests of two local men for allegedly operating a pirate radio station.

Alex Alcime, 29, known as DJ Shortdogg; and Patrick Michael Ford, 21, known as DJ Joker, were charged with one count each of unauthorized transmissions to, or interference with, a public or commercial radio station licensed by the FCC.

The station, 95.7 FM, broadcast a near-continuous stream of hip-hop and R&B music from a one-story light green house in the 2400 block of Welch Street, said FMPD Sgt. Sean Hoover. Between songs, they also promoted local night clubs, Hoover said.

He said the station typically played mellow R&B in the mornings and shifted to rap in the afternoons, much of which was vulgar and uncensored.

The station’s signal — which was almost 6,000 times the strength allowed for unlicensed devices — was strong in Cape Coral and North Fort Myers, tapering off in east and south Lee County, officials said.

“Basically they were operating like a real radio station,” Hoover said. “It’s funny; they had a request line and everything.”


The F Word:

This came from NBC

They broadcasted from a home in Fort Myers without a license, and without censorship

"Music with the ‘F' word," said Sergeant Hoover. "You think of the word and you heard that on the radio. They were not censoring it whatsoever."

It's funny reading this from my country where we don't have constituted guaranteed freedom of speech, yet "the F word" is allowed over the air and regularly heard.

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