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Pirate Logs from DX Listening Digest 10-22, 3 June 2010

** EUROPE. Laser Hot Hits is now using 3940, good signals 2140 May 23 ( via June World DX Club Contact via DXLD)

Laser Hot Hits has moved frequency again after only a short time on 4015 kHz (where they moved from their long time frequency of 4025 kHz). [due to LIBERIA? q.v.]

Now audible on 3940 kHz having moved there this week - this from their website http://www.laserhot :

"23 May 2010 Update - Well, 4015 kHz wasn't much better so we have moved again to 3940 kHz." (Alan Pennington, Caversham, UK, AOR 7030+ / longwire, May 29, BDXC-UK yg via WORLD OF RADIO 1515, DXLD)

** EUROPE. Pirates: 3910, Reflections Europe, IRL, 1900-..., 30 May'10, English, rlgs. propag. prgrs; 15341; \\ 6295 (bad audio), 12255. Fair-good at around 2200.

3940, Laser Hot Hits, G?, IRL?, 2150-..., 29 May'10, English, pops; 25421. Silent on 4015 (ex-4025) or on 4025; Better signal on 30 May'10 at 2225. WORLD OF RADIO 1515,

6220, Mystery R, I, 2117-..., 28 May'10, English (used for IDs only), non-stop music; 55444.

6295, Reflections Europe, IRL, 1731-..., 30 May'10, cf. \\ 3910; 33442, bad audio, adj. uty. QRM.

7600.1, FRS Holland, HOL, 1614-..., 30 May'10, English, talks, seemingly some Dx prgr; 23441, adj. jammer like signal.

12255, Reflections Europe, IRL, 1733-..., 30 May'10, English, rlgs. propag. prgrs, IDs, fq. announcement; \\ 3910, 6295; 35433. 73, (Carlos Gonçalves, PORTUGAL, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** EUROPE. Domenica 30 maggio 2010, 0927 - 7610 kHz, RADIO AMICA, II, tk OM e mx italiana. Segnale insufficiente-sufficiente (Luca Botto Fiora, SITO RICEVENTE G.C. 09E13 - 44N21, Rapallo (Genova), Italia, yg via DXLD)

** EUROPE. Mike Radio frequency change --- This week we changed the antenna system from Mike Radio (NL). We finally succeeded to change the 31 mb antenna into the 41 mb. The frequency is changed from 9290 into the range 7580 till 7630. This means Mike radio can be also heard again in western Europe! The antenna works super. The impedance of the antenna is for the working freq. near perfect. Also in 40 mb (ham) the antenna/reception works fine. All QSO (opposite) stations can be heard easy. This morning from the east-USA (nice) receptions of ham stations even when conditions were not that good. The antenna is the inverted V, top on 14 meters, one leg is to the west, the other leg is now more or less in the South East direction (mid/south Germany), the V has ca 120/130 degrees angle. So good news for the next winter-season. This summer we make a homebuild vertical for the 19 mb, the band where conditions next years will improve (via Roberto Scaglione, Sicily, May 30, shortwave yg via DXLD)

PIRATE (EUROPE). 9280, Mike R. Set the NRD and MD recorder and recorded in AM mode. Signal seemed to come on at 0232:27, then rock mx began about 20 seconds later. Canned ID at 0237. Live voice-over anmnt at 0244 with mention of USA. After song was playing for about a minute, heard another jingle. Another live anmnt at 0248-0250 over what sounded like "Radar Love". Ment of broadcast and e-mail. Getting slightly better. Canned ID at 0256, then Rock song I couldn't recognize. 0300 short live ID ".listening to Mike R." and e-mail address, music briefly, and continuous talk. More of the same. Not very strong, but there with a lot of static noise. Towards 0330, I thought the signal faded, but it turned out Mike changed frequency to 9260 to avoid splatter from 9305 [Cairo] which I also was getting. (24 May) 73 (Dave Valko, Dunlo PA, RX: NRD-535D, ANT: 60m T2FD and 31m Windom, HCDX via DXLD)

** GREECE. 4854.7v, May 17 2210, UnID station with mostly music. Did not succeed to identify the language. Heard on May 4, 14, 17 and 19.

My unID on 4854.7 is a Greek pirate, said Henrik Klemetz, who forwarded my audio clip to Zacharias Liangas in Athens and to Dario Monferini in Italy. Dario sent it to Francesco Cecconi, in Taranto, who came back with the ID, Radio Nikolas Dynamitis, from the town of Tyrnavos in the Larissa Prefecture. This is the third harmonic of their X-band operation which used to be on 1625v, and is now on 1618.2 (Arne Nilsson, Sweden, SW Bulletin May 30 via DXLD)

Henrik Klemetz also gives a reference to DXLD 9-012 from Feb 7, 2009 where you can read the following regarding this station:

1625 kHz - Radio Nikolas Dynamitis, Tyrnavos (10 km NW of Larissa), Greece giving SMS-number (6972734489). I phoned to this number shortly and sent sms - and I have message back!! They are the oldest station in the town!! (Tnx Costas for help) - 18.50- (O=1-3) mp3 (name clearly mentioned in the end of mp3) 73's (Dario Monferini, Italy, Feb 5, playdx yg via DXLD via SWB via DXLD) See also CONGO DR [non]

** NORTH AMERICA. [Pirates]. 6900 AM, WBNY, 2330-2350, May 28, ID. Pirates Week program with talk about pirate radio. Played clips of various US and European pirates. Weak. Poor in noisy conditions.

6950.59 AM, Radio Ronin Shortwave, 2357-0005, May 28-29, ID. Pop music by Rare Earth, The Animals, and others. Fair in thunderstorm static.

6925 USB, WPON, 1930-1940, May 30, rock music. Beatles Tax Man song. Political talk. ID as “WPON, the weapon”. Poor to fair.

6925 USB, Northwoods Radio, 0157-0159*, May 31, just caught end of broadcast with ID announcement and morse code at sign off. Fair to good (Brian Alexander, PA, DX Listening Digest) see UNID 15066.75

** RUSSIA. 6660, The beloved frequency of Russian pirates, heard on 26/5 with Beatles songs, f.e. Roll Over Beethoven at 1908 (Rumen Pankov, Sofia, Bulgaria (Sony ICF 2001, Marconi antenna), June Australian DX News via DXLD)

87.9 MHz, GEORGIA, (pirate) unidentified. Like last year, briefly QRMing "CDC Radio" with gangsta rap.

UNIDENTIFIED. SW DX update from northern Delaware:
31-May-2010 // 2047 UTC // 15066.75 kHz. // Channel Z Radio // Pirate // End of Sweet's 'Fox on the Run' then male with "That was the Sweet with 'Fox on the Run' and you're listening to a DX test transmission from Channel Z Radio..." Into Susie Quatro's '48 Crash'. // New. Strong signal. MP3 clip available here: Rgds, (-Pete Jernakoff-, K3KMS, Wilmington, Delaware, NASWA yg via DXLD) Not sure if this be European or North American. Europeans mostly use this band, but accent on clip is NAm (gh)


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