Sunday, June 27, 2010

UK Police News - Pirate shut down for "Causing Nuisance"

On 7 May Ferndale Safer Neighbourhoods Team assisted by Lambeth Officers and OFCOM successfully executed a warrant on Nairobi’s Hairdressers, Acre Lane where broadcasting equipment for use to a pirate radio station was seized and one man was arrested.

This warrant was under Section 97 of The Wireless Telegraphy Act 2006, where officer’s entered the premises with the intention of finding broadcasting equipment for an illegal radio station.

There were thirty bags of evidence seized, ranging from broadcasting equipment, mixing decks and promotional material for 95.5FM - Ontop FM.

One man 24 years from Acre Lane London SW2 was arrested for Broadcasting Section 35 Wireless Telegraphy Act .as a result and taken to a south London Police station; while on the premises officer’s issued a woman with a cannabis warning after being caught in possession of cannabis. The manager of the shop a 51 year old man was subsequently arrested for, facilitating an illegal radio Station. Section 38 Wireless Telegraphy Act.

The intelligence for obtaining the warrant was received anonymously from crime stoppers, and proved to be worth while information.

Sergeant Paul White, Ferndale Safer Neighbourhoods Team commented:
“Pirate radio stations can bring about associated anti social behaviour, which is our ward priority. By executing warrants that focus on root causes that can lead to ASB we can eliminate the negative behaviour, while sending a message that ASB will not be tolerated.”

Paul Mercer, Head of Spectrum Enforcement at Ofcom, said: “This is a great result, demonstrating the strength of the working partnership between Ofcom and officers from the Ferndale Safer Neighbourhoods Team.

The pirate radio station was causing a nuisance to local residents, disturbing them in the early hours with loud music and anti social behaviour. The action taken sends a firm message to anyone involved with illegal broadcasting. They are committing an offence and the consequences are serious.

source: UK Police Lambeth News

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