Monday, June 14, 2010

Harry Smith reports in

Just heard Voice of Next thursday as relayed by WBNY relay service . You were on 6900Khz AM at 0008-0039 UTC June 15'10. Very weak tonight with lots of atmo noise. SIO 333. I use a JRC 535 D with a R f Systems Mk 2 antenna 30 ' high N to S. Havent heard you in a long time and haven't seen any logs for you either. Would love to get the next QSL if possible.

Details are :

0008 ID WBNY Relay service WWV time ticks
0009 ID Voice of Next Thursday with Gabreal Syme
0010 Song
0013 Talk by G S very faint
0015 Music faint
0022 WBNY ads for hats then back to V of N T.
0032 singing interf from Span station
0036 closing annc about being back next Thurs.
0039 Id for WBNY The real voice of America .
Thank you for the program maybe i'll hear it again maybe under better conditions.

Thank you
Harry L. Smith

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